6 months ago...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

... I wrote this post. This post was about changing a few things in my life that I felt were holding me back and getting me down. I had a good attitude and was motivated to make those changes.

2 weeks later, I broke my foot, and everything kind of turned to crap. I couldn't exercise, and I continued chewing my nails out of frustration and anxiety. The good news is, my hair is getting nice and long (which means I want to cut it off again!!!) and one of the "other things" that I was hoping would happen was that I'd be pregnant, which I am. The faith thing is still somewhere in the middle, but I'm getting there.

The only thing that I feel is still really keeping me in limbo, is not knowing where we'll be next year, but as I mentioned, we'll know that very soon.

I know I'm definitely in a better place with how I feel about my body, especially now that I'm in my second trimester. I feel stronger and (ever so slightly) fitter, and know that the more exercise I can fit in, in the next 6 months, the better my pregnancy and recovery will. I know it will also help me to prepare for our new life next year - the move, the baby, the settling in - our life certainly is never dull!

So. That was my last 6 months. Let's see what the next 6 months has to offer!

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