A numbers game

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

6 - the number of times I've used our slow cooker since we arrived in Wang (10 days ago!)
6 - the number of times I've gone to St Vinnies to look for dresser drawers to no avail
1 - the number of times we went to St Vinnies and there were 2 sets of PERFECT dresser drawers there for $25 each but had just been sold. (Man I need to let that go!!)
2 - the number of weeks til our broadband is connected
150 - the number of GB we will get with our broadband connection each month. Hellllooooo Skype!
5 - the number of Yoga classes Hubs and I have left on our membership
8 - the number of clear, sunny, beautiful days we have had since arriving in Wang
2 - the number of bicycles we bought at a garage sale on Sunday
1 - the number of Uniting Churches we have visited and have decided to attend
3 - the number of coffee shops we had great lunches at last week
4 - the number of times I have visited one coffee shop in particular
24 - the number of weeks Littlefoot has been growing inside of me
2 - the number of weeks he/she has been kicking like crazy

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