An explanation

Monday, June 7, 2010

So I promised I'd explain these photos, so here goes. Hubs likes free stuff - who doesn't!? - and he likes to help people out - what a man! - so when he saw an advertisement at uni by 2 photographers starting out, asking for volunteers to pose for couple photos, he jumped at the chance to volunteer our services. And I was happy to oblige. 2 hours posing for photos and smooching with Hubs? Where do I sign!? In return for our time, we have been emailed 8 photos that have been "touched up" (as if we need any "work" done) to look nice an professional. Pretty sweet deal huh!?

The 2 gentlemen who were our paparazzi for the afternoon are getting into the wedding photography industry, so they just wanted some couples to practice on. I think they did a mighty fine job! Although, with subjects like us.... well.... you know....

We were given instructions such as:

"Look lovingly into each other's eyes." Easy.
"Hubs, give Wifey a little kiss..... Uh Hubs, you can stop now.... HUBS!!!" hee hee! Gross!!!
"Here's a water fountain. Do something spontaneous." After I splashed Hubs with water and he tried to get me back, I think the photographer regretted that instruction...

Another one of my favourites:

It was a fun afternoon and really, quite easy "work". I don't know what all these super models complain about. I mean really.

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